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I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything.
Maybe we’re from the same star.

— Emery Allen    (via heart-filled-with-hope)

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taku-tome asked ⤖ Kei Tsukishima or Tetsurou Kuroo

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an opportunity to meet me irl


go to hell, i’ll be there

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Itachi wakes up super early and makes himself tea because it’s cold, only to doze off for a bit at the kitchen table and forget that he made tea.

reposts from trash blog because i actually like this

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I’ve always found Rei’s original smile (from the very first 1995 series aired) it’s the most genuine and precious.

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xoxo2k14methdragonssss asked: HI!!! HI!!! ARE YOU ONLINE HELLO!

yep my cabin has internet so i’ll be on for a bit

don’t expect it all the time though!!!

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if u know ur myers briggs personality type please check this out it is literally the coolest thing ever 

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There will come a time when you will be united again. Each of you with a unique name… and a different form than before. And unlike when you were inside me, you will be guided down the right path. I hope you learn what true strength is…
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